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Geoffrey Kelley

  • Minister responsible for Native Affairs

Place of birth: Montréal

Geoffrey Kelley holds a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in modern Canadian history from McGill University.

He taught for 15 years before joining Alliance Québec for several years, then became a political attaché and chief of staff. He oversaw questions such as education, higher education, the Charter of the French language, municipal affairs and public security.

He was initially elected MNA for Jacques-Cartier in 1994. He subsequently chaired a number of committees, including the Committee on Public Administration, the Committee on Social Affairs, the Committee on Education, the Committee on Health and Social Services, and the Select Committee on Dying with Dignity. He served several times as official opposition critic for Aboriginal affairs, the Far North and the family and was also responsible for relations with the English-speaking community.

He has achieved recognition above all for his role as Minister for Native Affairs and Minister responsible for Native Affairs, a position that he has occupied several times.

He is serving his seventh consecutive mandate as MNA for Jacques-Cartier. In April 2014, he was appointed Minister responsible for Native Affairs for the third time.


Secrétariat aux Affaires autochtones
900, Place d'Youville
5e étage
Québec (Québec) G1R 3P7
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Phone: 418 643-3166
Fax: 418 646-9487

Chief of staff: Félix Rhéaume
Press attaché:
Chantal Gauvin

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