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The Climate Summit of the Americas “The Toronto Summit reaffirms the leadership and active role of federated states in the fight against climate change.” –  Philippe Couillard

Toronto, July 9, 2015. – At the closing of the Climate Summit of the Americas in Toronto, Québec Premier Philippe Couillard and Minister of Sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change David Heurtel reiterated the importance Québec gives to the fight against climate change as a signatory to the Joint Statement on Climate Change along with other participating governments. The Statement reaffirms the strong consensus among federated states to support carbon pricing and their commitment to fighting climate change.

“Given that climate change knows no borders, federated states hold the principal means of taking action and are responsible for the implementation of climate strategies,” said the Premier. “An increasing number of jurisdictions are expressing their wish to put a price on carbon, particularly through existing mechanisms. As we head towards the Paris Conference next December, the Toronto Summit offers the benefit of a very favourable context for the growth of such projects. We must continue our efforts to succeed in adopting an ambitious agreement that will help limit the increase of the planet’s average temperature to below 2°C.”

Organized by the Government of Ontario, the Climate Summit of the Americas is one of several initiatives by infranational governments leading up to the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), whose goal is to produce a universal climate accord for the post-2020 period. This follows the Québec Summit on Climate Change held in April 2015.

“In addition to confirming Québec’s leadership in the fight against climate change, the signing of the Toronto Summit’s statement, which reflects the vision of our government, demonstrates the fundamental role of federated states and regions in this area. Together, we can fight climate change, to ensure quality of life for our children,” said Minister David Heurtel.

About the Joint Statement on Climate Change

The Joint Statement on Climate Change reiterates the importance of long-term, significant, and concerted action by federated states in the fight against climate change. By signing the Statement, the parties demonstrate their commitment to one or more initiatives, such as the adoption of a greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction target, the signing of the Compact of States and Regions, support for the World Bank’s Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, and participation in the Under 2 Memorandum of Understanding on Global Climate Leadership. Québec’s greenhouse gas reduction target is 20% below the 1990 level by 2020; it has joined all of the instruments in the past year. It will also adopt a post-2020 target, following a parliamentary commission this fall.


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