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Update on parliamentary work “Quebecers have every reason to be confident about the future” - Philippe Couillard

Québec, June 13, 2014 – At the end of the parliamentary session, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, accompanied by Government House Leader Jean‑Marc Fournier and Chair of the Government Caucus Nicole Ménard, is wholly satisfied with the actions taken by his government.

“We officially formed the government less than two months ago, and we have already taken a number of steps to put Québec back on the path to prosperity, once and for all. As soon as we formed the Cabinet, we set to work. Today, Quebecers have every reason to be optimistic about the future,” he stated at the outset.

The Premier emphasized that the previous weeks were marked by a focus on the revival of economic drivers, the repair of public finances, a transparent government, as well as consistency and effectiveness in government actions.

To foster economic recovery, Mr. Couillard mentioned some of the initiatives taken, including the introduction of LogiRénov, a new tax credit already enjoyed by 220,000 households which is also expected to help create 20,000 jobs; the creation of the Créativité Québec program to support innovation in SMEs; the implementation of measures to facilitate the funding of start-ups; the confirmation of $350 million in funding to Ciment McInnis in Gaspésie for its project estimated at $1.1 billion; initial investments in port and waterway infrastructures under the Marine Strategy; the creation of funds to re-launch businesses investing in the Plan Nord; increased budgets for silviculture work; and an announcement to completely revamp Québec’s tax system, for which a review committee chaired by Luc Godbout has been established.

With regard to the repair of public finances, the Premier commented on the 2014-2015 Budget, which is the first step in attaining budgetary balance as early as next year. He talked about the initial cost-cutting measures that were introduced following the first Cabinet meeting, ultimately resulting in annual savings of $305 million, as well as measures affecting payroll, operating expenditures and offers of subsidies, among other things. He reiterated that control over spending would rely directly on the Commission permanente de la révision des programmes, established earlier this week and chaired by the Honourable Lucienne Robillard. Lastly, the Premier raised the issue of tabling a bill regarding the restructuring of defined benefit pension plans in the municipal sector.

With regard to transparency, the Premier indicated that he has asked a committee of experts and the Auditor General to make available to the public the fullest information possible, to give an accurate picture of our budgetary situation.
The Government House Leader is pleased with the new tone in the National Assembly, particularly in exchanges during Question Period. “We have also fulfilled our commitment to quickly pass Bill n°52: An Act respecting end-of-life care, and allowed a joint presentation with the Member for Joliette,” stated Mr. Fournier.

It should also be noted that the principle of Bill 190 addressing the rights of seniors as tenants, from the Member for Gouin, was introduced on the initiative of the Government House Leader; another government commitment has therefore been upheld.

Finally, Mr. Fournier highlighted that the government also honoured its commitments by adopting Bill n°1: An Act respecting the inspector general of Ville de Montréal, and by introducing Bill n°3: An Act to foster the financial health and sustainability of municipal defined benefit pension plans. Consultations on the bill will be held in August.

“Because we are responsible for taking action to sustain our solidarity, better educate our youth, better support our seniors and vulnerable individuals, better care for patients, and reduce the tax burden on families as well as our debt, financing our public services must be supported by a growing economy, sound public finances and controlled public debt. Without these foundations, nothing is possible. Quebecers can count on a government that knows where it is headed. Their interests are our top priority. We will continue to focus on a Québec that is prosperous, fair and free to make its own choices, for the current and future generations,” concluded the Premier.


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