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Focusing on a more prosperous Québec
« Together, let’s continue to move Québec forward »
- Philippe Couillard

Québec, April 7, 2015 – On the first anniversary of the election of Québec’s new government, Premier Philippe Couillard highlighted his team’s accomplishments, and especially the government’s priorities for the next three years. “A year ago, Quebecers opted to take the courageous route rather than an irresponsible one—growth rather than economic decline, and the challenges of the new century rather than the ideas of the last one. Together, we have turned a corner and improved our public finances. We are benefiting from the fruits of our labour. Québec will be more prosperous because together we will have taken on our responsibilities. It will also be a more just society because we will finally have the means,” said the Premier.

Québec has seen a balanced budget only 8 times in the past 30 years. “Could a family manage its budget that way? Could an entrepreneur manage his or her business that way? Should a government continue managing like that? From now on, a basic principle will guide the government in managing public finances responsibly: we will spend less than we earn,” added Mr. Couillard.

Toward a more prosperous Québec

Since May 2014, 52 000 jobs have been created in Québec. The government intends to continue fostering an economic environment that encourages job creation in all regions of Québec. It will intensify its efforts to increase prosperity by stimulating investment, capital spending in businesses, support for new entrepreneurs, reduced administrative paperwork and tax burdens, and digital investments in small- and medium-sized businesses.

Large economic projects such as the Plan Nord and the Maritime Strategy will benefit from accelerated public and private investments. Our hydro-electricity will serve to attract investment in Québec and create quality jobs across our territory.

While our working age population has started to decline, and between now and 2017 there will be 725 000 jobs to fill, the government will launch an unprecedented initiative to match labour training with the needs of the labour market.  

The government will combine economic development with environmental protection. It will foster the emergence of a green economy that creates jobs, while the Green Fund gathers more than $3 billion by 2020 thanks to the carbon market.

The new economic plan for Québec submitted by Finance Minister Carlos Leitão with our most recent budget will enable entrepreneurs to conquer new markets and create jobs in all our regions and in all sectors,” said the Premier.

Building meaningful partnerships

Attracting foreign investment, promoting our language and culture, concluding agreements with our neighbours and international partners in the interest of Quebecers. These are the government’s goals for the coming years. Already, Québec is taking its place once again as leader in the Canadian federation. We are creating economic bonds with our neighbours in the northeastern United States while at the same time affirming our values, principles, and positions on the international stage.

Our responsibility is to make decisions that will truly give us the means to better support our young families and the most vulnerable people in our society, including seniors, troubled youth, and people living with handicaps. To do so, we will guide entrepreneurs so they can accomplish their projects and conquer new markets; we will better train our workers in a 21st-century economy; and we will enable each of our regions to develop and prosper. We will move towards greater prosperity so that together we can take Québec further,” concluded the Premier.


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