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The Québec Premier’s European mission The Port of Antwerp is a strategic partner for the implementation of Québec’s Maritime Strategy

Antwerp, Belgium, January 18, 2015 – Québec Premier Philippe Couillard today began the Belgian portion of his European mission with a visit to the facilities in the Port of Antwerp, the leading European port for commercial shipping traffic to North America. Daniel Dagenais, Vice-President, Operations at the Port of Montréal, accompanied the Premier.

“The Canada and European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement will promote the growth of trade with the European continent. We hope to develop Québec’s full maritime potential in a sustainable, responsible manner to support this new trade. Our government intends to take advantage of this opportunity to ensure the establishment of an efficient logistics chain, which will reduce costs for businesses by harmonizing port development with our road and rail infrastructure. We will make Québec an essential destination in North America and foster the creation of quality jobs in Québec,” Premier Couillard noted.

The Port of Antwerp is a leading European distribution centre and is recognized the world over for the array of industrial, logistics and cargo-handling services that it offers.

The Port of Antwerp is already a key partner of the Port of Montréal. More than one container in five handled in the Port of Montréal originates in or is destined for the Port of Antwerp. In 2013, the two port authorities signed an agreement aimed at developing cooperation in various fields, including strategic monitoring, marketing, asset management, sustainable development and social responsibility.

“The Port of Antwerp has established itself as a vital partner in this major project in its capacity as the foremost European port for shipping links but alwith our continent so because it is the Port of Montréal’s leading partner,” the Premier concluded.

Premier Couillard will pursue his mission tomorrow in Brussels, where he will participate in several activities of a political and economic nature.


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