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Premier Couillard plans to step up trade relations with Wales

Bridgend, United Kingdom, January 16, 2015 – Québec Premier Philippe Couillard visited Cardiff to meet with Welsh Prime Minister Carwyn Jones.

“Québec and Wales share several fields of expertise. Last June, I met with Prime Minister Jones in Montréal and we agreed to step up trade in several sectors. Advanced sectors such as the life sciences and the information and communications technologies already offer worthwhile prospects for collaboration,” Premier Couillard noted.

An agreement with the Life Sciences Hub Wales

Premier Couillard and Prime Minister Jones visited the Life Sciences Hub Wales, a centre of excellence that the Welsh government inaugurated in July 2014. The hub is now the focal point of collaboration for the entire sector, which encompasses more than 300 companies and nearly 10 000 workers and also relies on universities, clinics and financing organizations.

At the conclusion of the visit, Premier Couillard participated in the announcement of a collaboration agreement between the Life Sciences Hub Wales and Sherbrooke Innopole, an economic development promotion organization in the Sherbrooke area. The agreement is intended to promote the life sciences industry both from the standpoint of business and research. It covers support for the growth of innovative firms and makes provision to facilitate exchanges between research institutes, universities and healthcare institutions in Wales and Québec.

“The new partnership hinges on a sector of excellence that appreciably benefits both of our economies and sets them apart. It will help to maintain Québec in the vanguard in the realm of the life sciences,” the Premier said.

It should be noted that the life sciences industry in Québec encompassed nearly 450 companies and more than 25 000 jobs in 2014.

Information technologies

Premier Couillard concluded his visit in Bridgend, South Wales, with a visit to the new CGI security operations centre. The investment will create more than 600 jobs over five years, making it one of the biggest investments in Wales in recent years.

“CGI is a linchpin of Québec entrepreneurship and is consolidating its presence in Wales with this investment, which is having a significant impact on the region’s economy. We are indeed pleased that such success is contributing to promoting the excellence and expertise of our businesses the world over,” Premier Couillard concluded.


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