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Québec Premier’s mission in Europe “Now more than ever, Europe has become a key partner for the prosperity and sustainable development of Québec.”
– Philippe Couillard

Québec, January 14, 2015. Québec Premier Philippe Couillard will be on a mission in Europe from January 15 to 24 that will take him to the United Kingdom and Belgium, as well as the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. In addressing European decision-makers, the Premier will promote his government’s economic and budgetary policies, as well as the major projects designed to ensure Québec’s sustainable growth and prosperity.

“While Québec is undertaking initiatives to support its economic growth, create jobs, and spur innovation, a new transatlantic partnership is being outlined thanks to the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement. We must position ourselves now by presenting our economic vision to European decision-makers, be they government representatives, investors, contractors, or researchers, so that we benefit from the new emerging environment,” said the Premier.

United Kingdom: economy and innovation

The Premier will begin this mission in the United Kingdom on January 15 and 16, where he will lay out Québec’s economic priorities, including key components such as the Northern Plan and Maritime Strategy, at the Canada-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce forum in London. He will also use this opportunity to announce a scientific and academic partnership between one of Québec’s universities and a prestigious British institution.

Mr. Couillard will then travel to Wales upon invitation of the First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones. Both governments share a common desire for economic ties and development in the field of innovation. Accompanied by his counterpart, the Premier will visit the Life Science Hub Wales, a centre of excellence for life sciences that will develop a partnership with a Québec organization working in this sector.

Belgium: positioning Québec among European leaders

In Brussels, the capital of Belgium and Europe, the Premier will take part in several policy discussions to position Québec as a key partner in anticipation of the upcoming Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement. Mr. Couillard will also address a panel of economic decision-makers, as well as the European Parliament.

For implementation of the Maritime Strategy, the Premier will also travel to Anvers, the top European port for maritime connections with the North American continent.

Davos: investing in and promoting Québec’s expertise

On January 20 to 23, the Premier will attend the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, promoting Québec’s expertise during workshops on the fight against climate change, sustainable mining, energy, health, economic growth, and education. In addition to the Forum, Mr. Couillard will take part in different political and economic exchanges to discuss common interests and promote investment in Québec.


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