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Climate Summit of the Americas Québec adheres to the Under 2 Memorandum of Understanding on Global Climate Leadership

Toronto, July 8, 2015 – As part of the Climate Summit of the Americas, taking place in Toronto from July 7 to 9, Québec Premier Philippe Couillard has announced that Québec will join the ranks of the coalition of federated states and regions signatory to the Memorandum of Understanding on Global Climate Leadership (Under 2 MOU). Implemented by California and the German Länder of Bade-Wurtemberg, this initiative has so far brought together 18 governments that have committed to pursuing their efforts to limit global warming below
2°C. The Premier made this announcement Wednesday, joined by Kathleen Wynne, Ontario Premier, and by Edmund G. Brown Jr., the Governor of California.

“Major environmental events like today's and last April’s Québec Summit on Climate Change are catalysts for ideas and help mobilize our efforts. Québec is an internationally recognized environmental leader, thanks in part to the implementation of the carbon market with California. The Under 2 MOU is yet more concrete proof that the federated states play a major role in our collective fight against climate change," stated Mr. Couillard.

The Premier is taking advantage of his attendance at the Toronto Summit to present Québec’s progress and experience in the fight against climate change and to meet with several of Québec's strategic partners to reinforce its bilateral and multilateral alliances. In addition to Premier Wynne, Mr. Couillard will meet with Governor Brown, Al Gore, chairman of the Climate Reality Project and former Vice-President of the United States, Felipe Calderón, chair of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate and former President of Mexico, Mark Kenber, CEO of The Climate Group, Peter Elliott Shumlin, Governor of Vermont, and Jay Robert Inslee, Governor of the State of Washington.

About the Climate Summit of the Americas

The Toronto Summit brings together representatives from various governments from the Americas, environmental groups and industry representatives in a joint effort to reduce GHG emissions, particularly through carbon pricing mechanisms. David Heurtel, Minister of Sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change, will also take part in the Summit activities.

"Thanks to the Green Fund, whose revenues stem mainly from the carbon market, the Québec government supports Québec businesses, municipalities and citizens in their transition toward a low-carbon world. By 2020, more than 3.3 billion dollars will have been invested to implement the measures of the 2013-2020 Climate Change Action Plan. In addition to promoting the recovery and sustainable development of our economy, the sum of our actions enables us to fight climate change together to ensure quality of life for our children," declared Minister Heurtel.

In addition to supporting the Under 2 MOU, Québec also acts as a leader within several international bodies, including the Climate Group Ce lien ouvrira une nouvelle fenêtre. States & Regions Alliance, which is co-chaired by Premier Couillard. Québec also promotes market mechanisms as co-chair of the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) and as a technical partner of the World Bank's Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR).

About the Under 2 MOU (Ce lien ouvrira une nouvelle fenêtre. http://under2mou.org/)

The Under 2 Memorandum of Understanding (Under 2 MOU) is an instrument that aims to limit global warming below 2°C through the adoption of policies that reduce GHG emissions
80-95% below 1990 levels by 2050, or achieve a per capita emissions target of less than two metric tons by 2050. To date, 18 states and provinces from nine countries and four continents have signed it. Collectively, the signatories represent a population of nearly 130 million. The pact also aims to reinforce cooperation between the signatories. 


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