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Allocution du premier ministre du Québec, Philippe Couillard, à propos de Bombardier

The spoken version takes precedence.

Yesterday, Quebec came under attack:
It’s an attack on our economy,
an attack on our aerospace industry,
and an attack on our know-how and innovation.

This measure threatens aerospace workers, technicians, and engineers, and their families as well.

That’s not all:

  • Canada will suffer
  • The UK will suffer
  • And American aerospace workers will suffer as well

We’re being attacked in an unfair, arrogant manner:
Attacked because the very best aircraft in its class is manufactured right here in Quebec.
This has nothing to do with so-called “subsidies”.
There’s been no subsidy.

Absolutely not.
We’re being attacked
for one simple reason: a massive company that was created and has grown fat on decades of government support, wants to push aside a competitor that makes a superior product.
It's as simple as that.

A competitor, mind you, that isn’t even directly competing with any one of its products! That’s the paradox, and the proof that we’re dealing with bad faith.
The CSeries will generate $30 billion in economic spinoffs, and support over 22,000 jobs in the U.S.
As we saw with softwood lumber under NAFTA, it’s the U.S. economy, and U.S. workers, who suffer when protectionism prevails.

Québec is under attack.
And Québec will stand its ground.
Québec will come together.
We are all going to stand together in defense of our workers.
We are all going to do our part because we’re proud of our knowledge economy.

We’re going to keep right on making this remarkable aircraft.
And we’re going to keep right on selling it all over the globe.
We’ll keep working with our true partners.
Boeing may have won a battle, but trust me, the war is far from over.

I also have a message for the federal government, and for Prime Minister Trudeau
It’s time to take the hard line. We can’t give an inch on this.
Until this conflict is resolved--and resolved fairly--I don’t want to see a single nut or bolt, let alone an entire Boeing aircraft
Crossing the Canadian border.

Not one bolt, not one part, not one aircraft.

Canadian airlines: I’m talking to you as well.
You need to take action as well, to maintain competition between your suppliers.

And to all Canadians let me say,
Make no mistake:
This is not a Quebec issue
This is a Canadian issue

BBD is Canada’s leading manufacturing concern.
The CSeries is the most important innovation project underway in Canada.
And it’s now time to stand together in solidarity, from coast to coast.

On a critical issue like this one,
We must stand together in the National Assembly
Where we will do everything in our power

To defend our position with the U.S. Department of Commerce
But to defend our interests,
Effectively and powerfully,
We must stand as one.

And we must also stay the course: keep on
And selling
This outstanding aircraft that is such a point of pride for Quebecers
To our other partners--the ones who act in good faith.
Believe you me
This story is far from over.
We’ve weathered our fair share of storms. And together, we’ll make it through this one.

Online as of: September 27, 2017

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