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Allocution du premier ministre du Québec, Philippe Couillard, lors de l'attentat terroriste au Centre culturel islamique de Québec

The spoken version takes precedence.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Fellow Quebecers

I have already addressed you on a few occasions following terrorist attacks that until now had taken place overseas.

In 2016 we came together to mourn the deaths of 6 Quebecers that were killed by terrorists as they were participating in a humanitarian project in Africa.

But last night it was much closer, a tragedy took place in our capital.

Our beautiful capital, so welcoming and peaceful.

We can see that this kind of event can happen anywhere.

Let’s first think about the victims.

Each one of them has a name, a story, a family,

families like so many others in Quebec.

On my behalf and on behalf of all Quebecers, I would like to extend my sincere condolences.

I also want to thank all of those who came out to show their support.

Let us think of Quebecers of muslim faith, our fellow citizens,

we must say: We are all Quebecers.

The whole world is watching us.

Together, it is the time to show who we are, to show the best of ourselves.

Men and women who live together,

In French,

In this piece of North America that is Quebec.

As was written by Vigneault, My home is your home – ma maison est votre maison.

Today, I want to repeat, that our cause,the one that drives me,

Is that of an open and confident society, a welcoming place

In which there is only one level of citizenship and it is the same for all.

Everyone of course will carry this message over the next few days

The challenge will be to carry it forth after, with force and consistency

Words spoken, words written as well, are not trivial.

It is up to us to formulate them.

It is up to us to choose them.

They can unite, heal or they can divide and hurt.

It is up to us to choose

We will know more in the upcoming days because we need to understand

In a few hours, we will walk together to express our rejection of this horrible violence.

Let us also walk for friendship, mutual understanding, brotherhood among peoples.

This is the choice this tragedy has brought us to.

I want you to know that my choice, as Premier of Quebec

As your Premier is that of confidence of openness, of a citizenship, that is truly and fully shared.

For all, regardless of the color of our skin, regardless of our beliefs, or of who we love.

Dear Quebecers,this is the Quebec that we dream of,

this is the Quebec we have chosen,

the one that we will continue to build together

Our common home in which :

"La chambre d'amis sera telle qu'on viendra des autres saisons pour se bâtir à côté d'elle."

I thank you,

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